aluminumstandoff001001aluminumstandoff001002standoff_18satin-standoffsaluminumstandoff001003standoff_5standoff_22Gyford StandOff Systems®

High Quality Aluminum and/or Stainless Steel Standoffs

Available in chrome finish (aluminum), satin finish (aluminum) and brushed finish (stainless steel). Includes screws and drywall plastic anchors.

SO13-19 – Size: 1.3cm D x 1.9cm H
SO16-25 – Size: 1.6cm D x 2.5cm H
SO19-25 – Size: 1.9cm D x 2.5cm H
SO19-35 – Size: 1.9cm D x 3.5cm H
SO25-25 – Size: 2.5cm D x 2.5cm H
SO25-35 – Size: 2.5cm D x 3.5cm H
SO30-25 – Size: 3cm D x 2.5cm H
SO30-35 – Size: 3cm D x 3.5cm H

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